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We are a proud people with a unique heritage and a rich culture. We are an active prosperous growing community of 1200 – strategically located on the Isthmus of the Avalon Peninsula. Being deemed “The gateway to Placentia Bay” in terms of shipping and refining, the fishing industry and boat charters or for just revisiting the resettled communities of Placentia Bay.

Arnold’s Cove being designated as a growth centre during resettlement was a stepping stone for prosperity. Having a strong local government, coupled with a people of great initiatives and a willingness to succeed, puts our community in an enviable position.

Resettlement Commemoration Survey


Part 1
Sneak peeks on our 50th anniversary of Resettlement, 2016 - These video sketches (by John Tolson) will be periodically updated and the final version will appear in early 2016. Click here to view part 1 of video

Part 2
Sneak peeks on our 50th anniversary of Resettlement, 2016 - Continuing the theme of Resettlement I meet a few of the Port Ann and Tacks Beach communities. Now, I can begin to understand how people felt and some still do feel about losing their lifestyle regardless of whether it made commercial sense to the government. Click here to view part 2 of video

Part 3
Sneak peeks on our 50th anniversary of Resettlement, 2016 - Check out Part 3 of the video, continuing the theme of resettlement, and speaking to locals. Click here to view part 3 of video

Claims to Fame
  • Birthplace of writer Ray Guy (That Far Greater Bay)
  • The Red Herring Incident
  • Home of Baxter Wareham (“Rubber Boots” song)
  • Lobster capital of Placentia Bay
  • Only annual ecumenical carol service in the province to raise money for Children’s Wish Foundation
  • Gateway to Placentia Bay
  • Economic hub of the isthmus
  • “Ghostly White Woman” tale

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    Motorists are advised that for the period December 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015, snow clearing regulations are in effect. Vehicles are not ... click here to read more

    The development of new residential land is underway. The new subdivision will extend from Harbour View Avenue. These lots will be larger at ... click here to read more

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